Yasmin Ajmal bio


Yasmin is a solution-focused coach, trainer and supervisor working with children, young  people and adults. She has extensive experience working in education – firstly as a primary teacher (4 – 11 years) and subsequently as an Educational Psychologist supporting children, young people (0 – 25 years) families and schools in the area of special needs.

Yasmin is London based. She worked with the Brief Therapy Practice(BRIEF) for 10 years, taking a lead in the use of SF approaches with children and young people and facilitating workshops in the UK and Europe. She co-authored the first book on SF Practice in UK schools (Rhodes & Ajmal 1995), co-edited a further book bringing together SF practice in education across a range of practitioners and situations (Ajmal and Rees 2001), and is currently co-writing a book with Harvey Ratner from BRIEF aimed at supporting teachers and other school staff in the use of SF in their day to day work.

In 2008 Yasmin spent 18 months overseas with her family working as a volunteer in Africa (Zanzibar) alongside the Ministry of Education conducting a research project on the development of Quality Education and Effective School Leadership. Yasmin also worked closely with the Minister for Secondary Education to set up a coaching programme for head teachers – training trainers as well as participants to ensure sustainability.

Yasmin currently works on a freelance basis running numerous projects in schools including: individual mentoring, supporting students with anxiety and organisational difficulties around exams, running peer mentoring training, working with difficult classes, coaching staff and working with Senior Leadership teams around policy development.

Additionally, Yasmin has worked with many difference organisations including:

The Young Women’s Trust (charity for women tackling issues such as being trapped in poverty, gender equality) – Yasmin was a founder member of the phone- coaching team set up to support young women aged 16-30 around work and building their confidence and belief in taking the steps forward in their lives.

Action Duchenne – providing support and workshops for parents and older men (20 plus years) with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Redthread– supervising and supporting youth workers working with young people in youth violence, knife crime, gang exit and well-being programmes.

National Health Service in Newham – devising and supporting the delivery of training/ team building/ participatory consultation programmes with the public and professionals using SF frameworks.